Under a canopy of towering pines and hardwoods, within the City of Thomas, West Virginia, will sit Understory, a Tiny Home Inn.

Embracing the tiny-living and off-grid movements, Understory serves as a muse to those with an inherent curiosity for small housing and the beauty of earth-built homes.

Each tiny home will showcase that comfort does not require scale, that function is style, and renewable energy is a viable path for living.

The Plan

Understory will be a cluster of “tiny home” getaways tucked into a forested hillside above the historic town of Thomas, West Virginia.

Built by Supply & Labor, Understory will offer six variations of stand-alone tiny spaces for travel stay. Each unique structure, with its inspired and curious appointments, will utilize earth-building processes, reclaimed materials, off-grid technologies and the natural qualities of the site it is built on. Each tiny home will include a bathroom, a kitchen, a living area, a fireplace and enough room to accommodate four guests.

Guests and community members can expect to see a woodland landscape that carefully integrates the small dwellings & common areas. Once complete there will be a hammock lounge, earth oven, community dining area, treehouse perch, fire pit and a heated spring fed soaking pool. Food producing gardens, wildflower patches and a hen house are also planned to anchor the sunny side of property.

Early guests of Understory should expect to see the transformation of these communal areas during the spring/summer/fall building season.  The first two units will be available Summer 2016.  The entire project is expected to be complete in 2018. 


Inspired by local talent, the welcoming community, rich history and the ecology of the neighboring Monongahela National Forest, Understory is lucky to call Thomas, West Virginia – a mountain town that is rebuilding and redefining life in rural America – home.

Just three blocks from Front Street (the main drag in Thomas), guests can easily walk from their wooded retreat to the amenities downtown Thomas has to offer- live music, art studios, galleries, an independent coffee shop and cocktail bar, shops, cafes and a microbrewery.


Understory is currently under construction.  The first two tiny homes will be available Summer 2016. 

To be notified when Reservations go live and for our Grand Opening in 2016 – register below. 


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Thanks for visiting. The natural building world provides countless techniques and processes to erect beautiful, safe, healthy, creative and affordable spaces. As the tiny homes and gardens are built, key processes, decisions, challenges, and their solutions will be archived here on our forthcoming blog. In the meantime, follow our first steps on Facebook. 

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